New Hand-Written Cardigan Font

We've added a new font to the family and we think you'll like it too! It's the Cardigan font and it gives a nice style to your engraving or etching projects. We can use this font in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to create your logo, product design and final solution either on Wood, Leather, Acrylic, Paper, Glass or Metal.

We tried it out on a piece of scrap Cherry Wood to illustrate the pattern for you on something real. So we used one our favorites, the Classic Airline Luggage Tag. This etching was done by a laser using a speed of 550 under 70% power at 270 lines per inch on a single pass.

Other than the natural wood markings, this is blemish free and the script detail is incredibly precise. The i to the o in Studio illustrates this detail in how fine that line is as it gets closer to the o. Additionally, all the joins from cursive script are completely seamless.  

Classic Airline Luggage Tag