Updated Our Classic Retro Luggage Tags

We wanted to let everyone know that we have made several updates to our popular Classic Retro Airline Luggage Tags.

The first thing you'll notice is a new design. We have replaced the double eyelet for a single capsule eyelet. This is a more practical design for either a small leather strap or a popular luggage tag loop. The loop, nor the leather strap does not lend itself to the double eyelet.

You can see the design change here with the single capsule eyelet.


Speaking of loops! We now include the loops with your order. So now, not only will you receive your custom wooden retro luggage tags but you'll also get the tag loops completely free, we have not changed the price but we are improving the product.

Don't forget, we engrave both the front and back of these tags for you. You can either brand these with a corporate logo to help set your brand apart or we also offer the option to select an emblem and we're introducing 16 emblems for you to choose from.

Here is the classy Diamond Matrix scored into a Walnut tag.

Lastly, we're now including 6 tags in your order, previously we sold this item as a five pack. Well, we've bumped it to 6 and just like the loops, we have not changed the price.

If you've ordered these tags from us previously, we don't want you to feel left out. You can expect to receive an email about your free extra tag and loops!