Laser Engraved Leather Patches

Genuine Leather Options for your Patch

Making a good leather patch starts with good leather.

We prioritize quality and sustainability by using Hermann Oak Expedition 1881 top grain or Bridle leather for our laser engraved custom patches. This leather is 100% vegetable-tanned with organic, plant-based materials like leaves, bark, and acorns, ensuring an environmentally friendly product.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Hermann Oak Leather Company has been crafting leather since 1881. They originally supplied the local harness trade and wagon trains for settlers along the historic Lewis and Clark Trail, adding a rich heritage to our leather products.

The foundation of an exceptional patch lies in the quality of the leather itself. By choosing top-tier materials, we ensure that our products stand out in appearance and durability. Quality leather gives us the best chance for a great outcome, and this commitment to excellence is evident in every custom patch we create.

Take, for example, these two custom hats featuring premium leather. In the first image, you can see our "Mantua Farms" hat, which showcases a 5oz saddle tan leather, an intricate design, and a rich texture that only high-quality leather can provide. The second image highlights our "#CloudDelivered" corporate hashtag hat, where the 4-5oz honey leather adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the overall design.

Mantua Farms Leather Patch Hat
Corporate Hashtag Leather Patch Hat

By prioritizing top-quality leather, we enhance the aesthetic appeal of our products and ensure their longevity and resilience. Each leather patch tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication to excellence, making our custom hats a true testament to the value of using superior materials.


What Leather Color Options Are Available for My Patches?

We offer a range of leather colors, each with unique characteristics.

For those who appreciate the allure of darker tones like Black and Chocolate, be aware that designs engraved on these colors appear in black, resulting in a subtle contrast. This effect is elegantly understated but may not be as prominent as lighter engravings.

For a striking and highly visible design, consider our black faux leather with Silver engraving. This combination provides the look of a dark base with the sharp clarity of Silver, which is revealed as we lightly engrave away the top layer of the black faux material. Laser etched designs stand out beautifully with this material.

Leather Patch Colors
Swatch Color Contrast Visibility Finish
Chestnut Leather Swatch
Vivid Natural, Smooth
Saddle Tan Leather Swatch
Saddle Tan
Vivid Natural, Smooth
Honey Leather Swatch
Vivid Natural
Caramel Leather Swatch
Vivid Smooth
Taupe Leather Swatch
Vivid Smooth
Natural Leather Swatch
Vivid Smooth
Brown Leather Swatch
Balanced Natural, Smooth
Black Leather Swatch
Subtle Natural, Smooth
Navy Leather Swatch
Subtle Natural
Chocolate Leather Swatch
Subtle Natural
Green Leather Swatch
Subtle Natural
Red Leather Swatch
Balanced Natural


What is Contrast Visibility?

Contrast Visibility is a grade that we assign to the contrast that develops when we Laser etch the material.

For example, if we had yellow material that engraved black we would consider that to be high contrast. However, black material that engraves black produces a low contrast visibility aesthetic.

  • Subtle: Low Contrast Visibility - The differences between the material and engraved areas or colors are not very pronounced, making the overall appearance less distinct.
  • Balanced: Medium Contrast Visibility - Engraved area differences are noticeable and clear, but not overly stark. It represents a middle ground where details are visible without extreme disparities.
  • Vivid: High Contrast Visibility - Vivid implies a strong, dynamic range of contrast.This level of contrast makes details stand out sharply, offering a vibrant and compelling visual experience.

Vegetable Tanning or Chrome Tanned Leather?

The genuine leather we use for our patches is vegetable-tanned from the Hermann Oak Tannery. Tanning gives the leather its color.

The Vegetable tanning process uses only organic materials such as tree bark, acorns, and leaves. While chrome tanning allows for a wider range of colors and shorter production times, we exclusively use organic materials to ensure the best results with our laser engraving and specifically avoid putting ingredients related to Chrome tanning under the laser.


Faux Leather Patches

We have also begun offering faux leather if you prefer something other than leather. Faux offers a variety of colors with a genuine leather look! Our faux material is also lightweight and scratch-resistant, ensuring durability and quality.

Laser Safe Material

Some materials are not environmentally friendly and we don't want that material in our shop under the heat of a Laser. So, we look for a Certificate of Conformity before acquiring faux material. We'll only offer faux options that are environmentally safe to Laser. So, no SVHC, PVC, Neoprene, Hydrogen Chloride, or Vinyl Chloride.

Faux Leather Color Options

Faux Leather Colors
Swatch Color Engrave Color Contrast Visibility Finish
Dark Vivid Smooth
Chestnut Faux Leather Swatch
Dark Vivid Smooth
Bay Brown Faux Leather Swatch


Bay Brown
Dark Subtle Smooth
Iron Grey Faux Leather Swatch


Iron Grey
Dark Vivid Smooth
Black/Silver Faux Leather Swatch
Silver Vivid Smooth
Black/Red Faux Leather Swatch
Red Vivid Smooth

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