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Welcome to our Request a Quote Page for Patches and Hats

Use our easy process so we can collect the right information to generate your quote.

  1. Select one or more patch types for your project. It's not uncommon for people to not know what patches they'll be using, so feel free to select more than one during your selection process.
  2. Upload your design and share your project artwork with us. We will use this for the mock-up we share with you. If you have vector art, please share it (PDF, AI, SVG). If not, still share your art.
  3. Estimate how many patches you think you will need. If you don't know, that's OK; enter 25. We'll still quote you a variety of quantity-based options. Leather Patches have no minimums, but the premium options have minimum requirements of 25 to 50 units.
  4. Tell us about the patch use:
    1. You just need patches only,
    2. You need Patches on Hats,
    3. You are providing the hats and need us to provide Patches and Decoration service.
  5. Tell us about your Project.
  6. Share your project timeline so we can fully understand the deliverable date when generating your quote.
  7. Share your ASI/PPAI affiliation to unlock your industry discount.
  8. Provide your name and email so we know who to share the quote with.

FAQs about the Quote Process

How long will it take to generate a quote?
Answer: Most quotes are returned next business day. Provide as much detail as possible so we're able to quote accurately. An example of something that could slow the process down is low-resolution artwork. Vector artwork helps us quote faster because we'll know if the artwork presents any issues for the style patch you may be interested in.
Will you create a digital mock-up of the hat we are choosing?
Answer: Sure, we do this regularly. Just be sure to tell us what hat and color you have in mind for your project, and we will replicate that in the digital mock-up we generate for you.
Will you create a physical sample?
Answer: We regularly create physical samples of the leather patches and share photos of them. Physical samples of the premium patches are charged. If you require a physical patch sample, just let us know in your project notes, and we'll provide that information with your quote.
How long will my quote be good for?
Answer: We don't time expire our quotes for the most part but will introduce a 'good till end of year' notice towards the end of a calendar year. Wholesale costs can sometimes change in the new year, so we just look to ensure we cover the change. It's common for us to work with clients months before their project, during planning phases. We understand this and will communicate any changes in advance if they occur.
Can I modify my request after receiving my quote?
Answer: Of course. We find this very common. Once we start generating mock-ups, the designs generate new ideas! We love this part of the creative process and are happy to explore different options (e.g., colors, styles, patch shapes, etc.).
What does the quote include?
Answer: We will clearly state on the quote that we will include everything requested in the request, as well as any artwork conversion fees, setup, shipping, or applicable tax. Sales tax will apply if we ship in Florida and you are not a registered business in Florida. You can share your Resale Tax certificate with us to determine if tax is applicable.
Who can I contact if I have questions about my quote
Answer: You'll hear directly from the person creating the mock-ups and quote through the email you provide. We will remain in contact with whatever method you prefer: email, phone, text/chat, or even a Zoom session.

More Questions?

Happy to answer any questions you may have. Our Contact Us page has our email, phone number, or Contact Form.