How a Contract Leather Patch Decorator Can Enhance Your Apparel Business

Partnering with a contract leather patch decorator allows you to expand your product options and enhance your offerings without needing in-house expertise, procurement of new materials, or costly machinery.

Discover how this collaboration can take your products from ordinary to extraordinary, significantly enhancing brand visibility and customer appeal while simplifying your production process and boosting your bottom line.

Who are Contract Decorator Services For?

  • You have an existing embroidery, t-shirt, promo, shop, or decorating business and are not offering custom leather patch hats and need to get started quickly
  • Our service saves you from investing in:
  • Laser Machines - complex machines that require weekly maintenance and a safety program
  • Leather Inventory - we know what type to buy
  • Skills to apply the materials to headwear
  • Hat press machines
  • Developing expertise to own and operate everything on this list
  • Important: This service is intended to offer business partner pricing. You have a Resale ID issued by the State your business operates in or an ASI, PPAI, or Sage membership.

Why Leather Patches?

Leather patches add a unique aesthetic and durability to any apparel item, making them a popular choice for brands looking to differentiate their offerings. They’re perfect for Hats, Caps, Bags, and Backpacks.

Leather patches on hats have a distinct appeal for several reasons:

  • Visual Appeal: Leather patches add a touch of rugged elegance and sophistication to hats. The texture and color of leather can make the design stand out, providing a striking contrast to typical fabric hats.
  • Durability: Leather is renowned for its durability and longevity. A leather patch on a hat not only looks good but also withstands wear and tear, maintaining its appearance over time.
  • Brand Identity: Leather patches are custom laser engraved with a company’s logo or brand message, making them a powerful tool for branding. They convey a sense of premium quality and craftsmanship, enhancing brand perception.
  • Versatility: Leather patches work well with various hat styles, from baseball caps and trucker hats to straw lifeguard hats and winter beanies, making them versatile additions to any accessory line.
  • Tactile Quality: The unique texture of leather can add a tactile element to hats, which can be appealing in fashion as it encourages the consumer to physically engage with the product.
  • Customization: Leather offers excellent customization options, including different colors, finishes, and engraving techniques that can be tailored to specific design requirements.
  • Perceived Value: Adding a leather patch to a hat typically increases its perceived value, allowing brands to market their products at a higher price point.

Overall, leather patches contribute significantly to the aesthetic and functional value of hats, making them highly appealing for both fashion and promotional purposes.

Our genuine leather is 100% vegetable-tanned with organic plant-based materials (e.g., leaves, bark, acorns), so there are no harmful environmental effects.

Leather Colors to Complement Your Unique Style

Genuine Leather Color Options
Fig.1 - Genuine Leather Color Options with Contrast Visibility Grade

Why It's Important For A Decorator to Explain Contrast Visibility

A Note About our Darker Leather Color options. When choosing the perfect material for your clients project, we understand the appeal of our deeper, richer tones, such as the classic Black or Chocolate options.

Designs engraved on darker materials appear black, resulting in a subtler contrast. This can produce a beautifully understated effect. We provide these contrast visibility grades to help you find the right outcome for your desired aesthetic.

  1. Low Contrast Visibility: "Subtle" The differences between the material and engraved areas or colors are not very pronounced, making the overall appearance less distinct.
  2. Medium Contrast Visibility: "Balanced" Engraved area differences are noticeable and clear but not overly stark. It represents a middle ground where details are visible without extreme disparities.
  3. High Contrast Visibility: "Vivid" Vivid implies a strong, dynamic range of contrast. This contrast level makes details stand out sharply, offering a vibrant and compelling visual experience.

The Benefits of Hiring Us as Your Contract Leather Patch Supplier

  1. Outbound freight costs included for orders over 50 units; no minimum order requirement
  2. Sixteen different Faux material options available if your client prefers a faux leather decoration.
  3. We will create a digital mock up and/or a physical proof available. The digital mock up will be generic so you can brand it with your materials and can be shared with you through Canva or as a PDF.
  4. Vector Art Conversion included 50+ units; otherwise, $25. Sometimes we receive Vector art but many times the art needs conversion to Vector so that we deliver the best possible outcome.
  5. Promo Industry Association memberships:
    1. ASI Decorator 789642
    2. ASI Distributor 300159

Expertise and Quality

With years of specialized experience, our expert craftsmen deliver nothing but the highest quality. We create thousands of leather patches every year and the leather we use is hand-selected and laser engraved for incredible precision, ensuring that each patch perfectly represents your brand.

Customization at Scale

  • Flexibility: We handle small and large orders.
  • Custom Designs: Most clients come to us with no shape design; we'll design a custom patch shape to suit your specific needs.

Speed and Efficiency

Our production processes ensure quick turnaround times without compromising on quality; our average contract order turns in 5-10 days. We understand market demands and work diligently to meet your deadlines. Larger orders may require project planning to ensure a delivery schedule.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Outsourcing to a contract supplier reduces overhead costs associated with manufacturing. We provide competitive pricing models tailored to your budget and project scale.

Quality Leather

Printing Studio primarily uses genuine leather and has selected Hermann Oak Expedition 1881 top grain or Bridle leather for our patches. It's 100% vegetable-tanned with organic plant-based materials (e.g., leaves, bark, acorns), so there are no harmful environmental effects. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the Hermann Oak Leather Company started in 1881 and supplied the local harness trade and wagon trains of settlers along the Lewis and Clark Trail. So, a lot of neat history behind our leather.

How We Work: Our Process Simplified

Process: When you hire us

Share Art Files

For Vector Art our preferred format is a .PDF. .AI and .SVG are also acceptable.

For Raster Art the preferred format is .PNG with transparent background. Other acceptable formats but may incur art charges are .TIFF with transparent background, .PSD, and .JPG.

Approve Proof

Our designers will create a digital mock-up and/or a physical prototype that reflects your specifications for your approval. We'll create generic photos and digital files to share with you so you can mark them up for your clients with your brand.

Ship Hats

Once the art is approved, send us a Purchase Order and ship the hats from your preferred supplier. We receive headwear daily from Sanmar and S&S Activewear and a variety of others.

  • Include your PO reference on shipping labels
  • We will confirm receipt and notify if any discrepancies


Once a PO is received we go into production on patch creation.

  • Materials are measured out
  • Leather is laser masked to ensure a quality piece with no scorching
  • Artwork moves into Laser production
  • Patches are created
  • Masking is removed
  • Patches are sealed
  • Hats get decorated

Case Studies: Success Stories

"You are amazing! Glad I found you! You were my only option to win!"

10,000+ Units ~ Promo Company

"Love everything you do for us; your work looks great!"

Thousand of Units ~ Contract Embroiderer

"Thankful I found your company! I initially tried to get these made with a larger company, ran into multiple issues, and had to cancel right before I found you. So to have these made so quickly and to come out perfectly is wonderful."

~ Sports Team

Ready to Transform Your Apparel Business?

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