New Full Color Decoration Option

Full Color Leather Patch Option

We are excited to announce that we're rolling out a Full Color decoration option!

Our Full Color option will elevate your brand visibility in the most stylish way possible.

With our Full Color option, Full Color is exactly that:

  • No color limitations
  • No required outlines
  • Vibrant & highly detailed graphics

How does it work?

With your logo we create a vibrant full-color transfer and meticulously apply it onto the leather creating a unique piece. With the ability to utilize a full spectrum of colors, we carefully consider the hat's color, the leather's hue, and your brand's identity to ensure everything is perfectly aligned within the appropriate color context.


What kind of art files do we need?

Preferred file types: .PDF, .PNG, .TIF
Accepted files types: .AI, .SVG, .JPG, .PSD