Step-by-Step Process of Working with a Contract Leather Patch Decorator

How we work: Our Contract Decorator Process Is Simple

At a very high level we describe our contract leather patch decorator service process in 5 simple steps from Artwork to Delivery.

Step-by-step process infographic showing how to work with us as your contract leather patch decorator: 1. Share Art Files, 2. Approve Proof, 3. Ship Hats, 4. Production, 5. Delivery. Each step includes a corresponding icon and brief description.

Share Your Art Files

For Vector Art our preferred format is a .PDF file. We have inhouse Adobe Illustrator skills and so either.AI or .SVG are also acceptable. Vector artwork gives us the best starting point to make a remarkable looking patch. So, we will always endeavor to get your artwork to a vector base.

Can we work with Raster images? There are limits. For Raster Art, the preferred format is .PNG with a transparent background. Other acceptable formats, but which may incur art charges, are .TIFF with a transparent background, PSD, and JPG. With all of these Raster images our goal would be to convert them to Vector. So we prefer the original artwork files. Screenshots and snippets generally need to be completely converted and are not optimal.

Approve Our Proof

Our designers will create a digital mock-up with Adobe Illustrator and/or a physical prototype that reflects your specifications for your approval. We'll create generic photos and digital files to share with you so you can mark them up for your clients with your brand. These can be emailed to you or shared from Canva, if you already use Canva this makes it easy to import directly into your own project.

Ship Us the Headwear

Once you receive your clients approval for the art, you can get us started by sending us a Purchase Order and shipping the hats from your preferred supplier. We receive headwear daily from Sanmar and S&S Activewear and a variety of others.

  • Include your PO reference on shipping labels so we can group your packages
  • We will confirm receipt and notify if any there are any discrepancies


Once a PO is received, we go into production on patch creation.

  • Materials are measured out
  • Leather is laser masked to ensure a quality piece with no scorching
  • Artwork moves into Laser production
  • Patches are created
  • Masking is removed
  • Patches are sealed
  • Hats get decorated
  • Photos are taken of finished product

Delivery of Finished Goods

Outbound freight for UPS Ground costs are included for any contract decorator order over 50 units. Expedited UPS Service levels above UPS Ground are fee based and can be quoted or we'll accept your shipping labels that you send to us.

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